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The Red-tailed Hawk: The Great Unknown by Beatriz E. Candil Garcia

The Red Tailed Hawk

Finally, the long awaited English version of this highly acclaimed book by Beatriz Candil García. Since its first publication, in Spanish, in 2004, this book has been regarded by many as one of the definitive works about the Red-tailed Hawk.

Everything you need to know about this species, the training regimen required to prepare the hawk for use in falconry, and the care needed to maintain it in optimal hunting condition…and much more – all in one place.

Packed with detail, with an impressive collection of photographs and illustrations, this is a book that is not just for the expert falconer; it is equally useful to anyone with an interest in the magnificent world of wild raptors.

The reader will be able to learn about the biology and habits of this species and all required for the practice of falconry, including training and hunting, with this raptor. Additionally, the book includes information on health and well-being, diet, equipment, mews, etc., as well as many useful articles and contributions by some of the most well-known falconers in USA and Europe, on hunting with Red-tailed Hawks.

The Red-tailed Hawk: The Great Unknow is an extraordinary book that fills the existing gap in falconry bibliographical references and a very important niche with regards to the birds of prey used in modern falconry.

This innovative book includes impressive photographs, illustrations and data on this species and other similar American buteos mostly unknown til now. It is ideal not only for aspiring falconers or novices, but also the most expert of falconers who will find its contents of great use and value.

Overall, it is a tribute to the Red-tailed Hawk; an essential book for falconry but also a book for all bird of prey enthusiasts and nature lovers.

This book won the annual “British Print Design and Production Award” in the UK the year of its publication, 2004 as best digital book.

On a personal note, I made a modest contribution to this book so please check it out.




Andy Straka and books

Andy Straka's everyday life differs sharply from the tableaux of his crime fiction. His quiet house sits in a forested setting. There are errands to run, dishes to be cleared, kids to be picked up from school. A nesting pair of red-shoulder hawks lives in the ravine off his back deck, which might inspire the writer to focus exclusively on nature prose. Instead those hawks have become the impetus for the creation of Frank Pavlicek, ex-New York homicide detective and Charlottesville, Virginia-based private investigator and falconer, who is the star of Straka's forthcoming series. The first title, A WITNESS ABOVE, arrived in bookstores from Signet Mystery (Penguin Putnam) in May 2001. The next book in the Frank Pavlicek series, A KILLING SKY, was released by Signet in April 2002. COLD QUARRY, the third book in the series, will be released in April 2003.
A Killing Sky, Signet, ISBN: 0451205707
A Witness Above, Signet, ISBN: 0451202945




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